Maximilian Schnauzers
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Earthcam Top Ten June 2011 Ethical Breeder Check out out YouTube Channel
  1. You're So Irresistible (Miniature Schnauzer) Nancy Simmonds 3:03
  2. Max_Schnauzers_-_Bundles_of_joy_-_Longer 14:36
  3. Maximilian Schnauzers Nicole Gose 2:52
  4. Peppersdegabritho - Zwergschnauzer / Miniature Schnauzer 3:35
  5. Puppy Farewell2 Nicole Gose 3:31
  6. Puppy Lullaby Nicole Gose 3:48
  7. Schnauzers Jingle Nicole Gose 0:42
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We Help Fight Cancer.