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Welcome to Live Puppy Cam brought to you by Maximilian Schnauzers. Here you can watch your puppy born on Live Webcam and delight in your baby's development into a healthy, happy puppy until you welcome it into your loving arms. No other breeder will invite you to see your puppy 24/7. It's important that you know how your puppy was raised and socialized...not just by what you are told but by what you can see with your own eyes.

The puppies are only sold to pre-approved homes. They are never, ever sold to pet stores or puppy brokers!

A portion of all money raised from the sale of our puppies goes to Johns Hopkins Cancer Research.

Puppy Cam

Some viewers have expressed a desire to donate toward the high cost of keeping these live cams running day and night. If you wish to make a donation to offset the monthly costs of upgraded internet service, electric bill for 5 cameras, continuous studio lights and computers running 24/7, equipment maintenance, and other monthly expenses to maintain this site, thank you so much... It's truly appreciated. Click on the Paypal Donate button above to send your donation.

Please know, donations or not, my Schnauzers and I love having you as part of our life. We are blessed to have you as our friends!!!

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We Help Fight Cancer

We Help Fight Cancer.