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Webcam Viewer Discretion Warning

As with all births, there is an inherent risk of complications, injury or death. Therefore viewer discretion is advised. Please also be advised that although we do our absolute best and take great pride in the care of our puppies and dogs, pee pee and poo poo accidents do occur and as we all know, puppies can be messy at times! If we have stepped out for a brief moment and a "natural" mess has occurred, we will quickly clean everything and everyone upon our return. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

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About The Cams

Welcome to Live Puppy Cam!

Presented by Maximilian Schnauzers, we invite you to witness the incredible journey of your puppy from birth through their joyful development until they finally find their way into your loving embrace. Unlike any other breeder, we offer you the opportunity to observe your precious pup 24/7 through our live webcams, allowing you to truly understand their upbringing and socialization firsthand, rather than relying solely on words.

Rest assured that our puppies are exclusively placed in pre-approved homes, ensuring their well-being and happiness. We never compromise by selling them to pet stores or puppy brokers.

Moreover, we take pride in supporting a worthy cause. A portion of every puppy sale contributes to Johns Hopkins Cancer Research, helping advance crucial studies in the fight against cancer.

Join us on this remarkable puppy journey on Live Puppy Cam, and experience the joy of welcoming a healthy and cherished member into your family!

We have received feedback from viewers who expressed their desire to contribute towards the substantial expenses associated with operating these live cams round the clock. If you are inclined to make a donation to help cover the monthly costs of upgraded internet service, the electric bill for maintaining 10+ cameras, continuous studio lighting, 24/7 computer operation, equipment maintenance, and other ongoing expenses required to maintain this site, we extend our heartfelt gratitude. Your support is genuinely appreciated.

However, please be aware that regardless of whether you choose to donate or not, both my Schnauzers and I deeply value your presence in our lives. We consider ourselves truly fortunate to have you as our cherished friends!

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Puppy Watch

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♥   Arriving Soon   ♥


Paige & Ferrari ~ 15th - 22nd April

Wildfire & Ferrari ~ 17th - 23rd April

Joleen & Ferrari ~ 18th - 24th April

Fergie & Ferrari ~ 18th - 24th April


Maggie & Yeti ~  16th - 23rd  April

Recent Litters

* * *   Want to know which Mom is in which Crib on the Nursery Cam?   * * *

Scroll down below the Litter info for who is where

Frenchie litters are shown below the Schnauzer litters


* * *   Want to know which Mom is in which Crib on the Nursery Cam?   * * *

Scroll down below the Litter info for who is where

Frenchie litters are shown below the Schnauzer litters


* * *   Want to know which Mom is in which Crib on the Nursery Cam?   * * *

Scroll down below the Litter info for who is where

Frenchie litters are shown below the Schnauzer litters


Paris & Ferrari ~  March 17th, 2024

Cam 1 , LRPP 

Robin -  Red Band - Wheaten/Pepper Sable (3.7 oz)

Rocky -  Blue Band - Wheaten  (5.2 oz)

Reba -  Orange Band - Wheaten  (4.6 oz)

Railynn - Yellow Band - Black  (4.7 oz)

Ruby -  White Band - Black  (5.6 oz)

Rapunzel -  White/spots Band - Wheaten   (5.4 oz)

Gidget & Ferrari ~  March 4th, 2024

 Cam 6, Puppy Cam PPP

Quickly -  Blue Band - Black/Silver Parti (3.7 oz)

Quinton -  Green Band - Black/Silver Parti  (4.9 oz)

Journey & Ferrari ~  February 15th, 2024

Cam 4, BPP

Petra-  Red Band - Black (6.0 oz)

Peaches -  Orange Band - Liver/Tan Parti  (5.8 oz)

Penny - Yellow Band - Black/Silver (5.8oz)

Whitney & Dijon ~  January 22nd, 2024

Cam 3 , Living Room Floor

Mylah-  Red Band - Liver (7.3 oz)

Major-  Blue Band - Liver  (4.3 oz)

Melany - White Band - Wheaten (4.5oz)

Yvette & Ferrari ~  January 20th, 2024

Cam   3   , Livingroom floor

Lola -  Orange Band - Wheaten (5.2 oz)

Lizzy - Yellow Band - Wheaten (4.3oz)

Josie & Quest ~  January 13rd, 2024

Cam 3 , Living Room Floor


Kevin-  Blue Band - White  (6.5 oz)

Karl - Green Band - White (6.0oz)

Kasper-  Yellow Band - White  (6.3 oz)

Rose & Trapper ~  December 15th, 2023

 Cam 3 , Living Room Floor

Isaac - Blue Band - Wheaten (4.0oz)

Ivan - Green Band - Wheaten ( 5.6oz)

Jeannie & Ferrari ~  December 12th, 2023

Cam 3  , Livingroom Floor

Hector -  White Band - Liver Parti (5.1 oz)


Nursery Station Labeled

Nursery Station CAM   ~   Who * Where

Crib 1  ~TBA

Crib 2  ~  TBA

Crib 3  ~ TBA

Crib 4  ~ TBA

Crib 5  ~  TBA

Crib 6  ~  TBA

Our Music

  1. You're So Irresistible (Miniature Schnauzer) Nancy Simmonds 3:03
  2. Max Schnauzers - Bundles of joy - Longer 1:49
  3. Maximilian Schnauzers Nicole Gose 2:52
  4. Peppersdegabritho - Zwergschnauzer / Miniature Schnauzer 3:35
  5. Puppy Farewell2 Nicole Gose 3:31
  6. Puppy Lullaby Nicole Gose 3:48
  7. Schnauzers Jingle Nicole Gose 0:42

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